Dinner with Dad

These two pictures were purchased by the Dutch Ministry of Culture for their national collection, after being exhibited at ‘Revival of Captured Scenes’: an exhibition with 'the 150 best performing arts photos of the last century'.

‘Dinner With Dad’ was een theatervoorstelling van Lucas de Man voor Het Zuidelijk Toneel, over vaders en hun zonen.

Date April 2012
Concept Joost de Haas ism Lucas de Man
Photography Joost de Haas

Happy Birthday Mammie

Dutch actors Raymond Thiry en Raymonde de Kuyper for ‘Happy Birthday Mammie’, a play by Moniek Kramer. This photo was nominated for the theatre poster award 2014-2015.

Concept, set design, photography Joost de Haas
Clothing Patricia Lim
Set building Ingrid Govers, Yfke Koolhaas, Joost de Haas
Date December 2014
Nog een foto met testtekst
Dit is een foto
Nog een foto met testtekst

50 jaar Tryater

tiendelige fotoserie

A staged party with (almost) every employee of the Frisian theatre company Tryater, in honor of their 50th anniversary.

Date DECEMBER 2014
Photography JOOST DE HAAS


Photo for 'Rijkemanshuis', an adaptation of the piece by Eugene O'neill by Olivier Diepenhorst.

Concept & glass gluers Nicky de Jong, Joost de Haas
Date Januari 2013

A Tragedy (simplified)

Photo for ‘A Tragedy (simplified), a theatre play by Naomi Velissariou for Frascati Producties.

Concept Naomi Velissariou, Joost de Haas
Date Mei 2013

Hadewych Minis

Just a photo of Dutch Actress Hadewych Minis.

Concept, photo, post-production Joost de Haas
Assistentie / Styling Iris Duvekot
MUAH Erika Nuijten
Date April 2016

Stillevens voor Circus Treurdier

Three photos for in a set of an absurdist play about 'the people' vs 'the elite'

Concept Janne Sterke, Joost de Haas
Styling Janne Sterke, Joost de Haas
Photography, post-production Joost de Haas
Date September 2012

Graphic Design


Nora Fischer & Marnix Dorrestein | 2018

On ‘Hush’, 17th century music is brought like sober folk songs, with only a voice and a guitar. (Spotify link)

Concept, photography, graphic design Joost de Haas

Land van Mij

Paul de Leeuw | 2016

Famous Dutch person Paul de Leeuw sings songs about his love for the Netherlands.

Concept, photography, graphic design Joost de Haas


Lykele Muus | Nijgh en van Ditmar | 2015

Eland is de filmische debuutroman van Lykele Muus: een ontroerend verhaal over liefde, waarheid en identiteit.

The story of your life

Mieke Bouma | Uitgeverij Balans | 2017

A book on how to approach your life like a writer, in order to make more out of it.

We do what we can

Lykele Muus | Nijgh en van Ditmar | 2018

A novel about a family drama around a cottage near the sea.

The beginning of the end

Joseph Jebelli | Uitgeverij Balans | 2017

Non-fiction about how scientists try to cure Alzheimer's.

Logo Power to the People

Logo for a series of lectures about online privacy, and how to stand up for your civil rights in the digital age.

Logo 'Dutch Skies'

'Hollandse Luchten' was a series of theatre plays, made by Sadettin Kırmızıyüz, between 2013 and 2015.

Identity for Cello Octet

Cello Octet Amsterdam is the world's only cello octet, a unique ensemble that made reputation all around the world. Their identity builds upon the octagon.

Huisstijl De Balie

Tussen 2013 en 2017 maakte ik alle uitingen voor De Balie, cultureel centrum voor kunst, politiek en film in Amsterdam.

Identity Storytelling Academy

The Storytelling Academy offers trainings, courses and workshops about storytelling. I created a logo that can adapt to each course, and designed the website.

(On the project page Posters you'll find much more graphic design I did.)