I've been making music since as long as I can remember. A lot for myself, like the playlist right here, but also commissioned for theatre, film, animation, etc. Keep scrolling for some examples of that.

Audio for video

Music for theatre

I approach music for theatre as a design assignment. In recent years I have been in these projects, among other things:
Lessen van een Hert van Stichting Moskou, in which I played live music.
FOMO van House of Nouws, in which I made music in advance, and performed as an actor.
There was an upward trend in the regularity of these kinds of projects, until Covid came. I hope to resume that trend. So please call me for musical collaborations!

DJ Hoost de Jaas

I've been deejaying since I'm 14, on all kinds of parties from attics to galas. I'm a collector of many genres from all corners of the word.

Click here for a very long and incoherent Spotify playlist with all kinds of music I like. (Not just dance music.)

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