I make music for theatre, film, animation, etc.
Also, I make music for fun. You can listen to that here:

Audio for video

Making music to images, or making images to music are both things I like. And because I make animations and music I can have it match up perfectly.


In september 2022 'The Life of a Beginner' premiered in Frascati Amsterdam. A music theatre piece that I wrote and performed, together with Gerrit Dragt.
I've also been involved in several other people's theatre projects, including:
Lessen van een Hert van Stichting Moskou, in which I played live music.
FOMO van House of Nouws, in which I made music in advance, and performed as an actor.

DJ Hoost de Jaas

I've been deejaying since I'm 14, on all kinds of parties from attics to galas. I'm a collector of many genres from all corners of the word.

Click here for a very long and incoherent Spotify playlist with all kinds of music I like. (Not just dance music.)