Videos I made for many different clients. I have experience doing script, direction, camera, edit, animation, music. When necessary I ask people to collaborate.

‘Kan gewoon.’

Campagnevideo voor GroenLinks | 45s

Een video om mensen op te roepen GroenLinks te stemmen. Deel van de ‘Kan gewoon’ campagne, waarvoor ik ook de posters ontwierp.

Script, animation, music Joost de Haas
client GroenLinks
Date February 2023

Samen kunnen we meer dan alleen.

Campagnevideo voor GroenLinks | 33s

Een video om mensen op te roepen op GroenLinks of PvdA te stemmen.

Script, animatie, muziek, voice-over Joost de Haas
client GroenLinks
Date Maart 2023

In Full Bloom

Video for museum Het Mauritshuis | 1:00m

A video to excite people for the exhibition 'In Full Bloom', in Dutch museum Het Mauritshuis. This video is shown in the museum, and used as part of the campaign.

Concept, script, animation, music Joost de Haas
Sparring partner Maaike Pilgram
client Het Mauritshuis
Date February 2022

Reset the system (Dutch)

Campaign for the Dutch Green Party | 1:00m

A video to move people to become 'Online Campaigner' for the party.

Concept, script, regie, edit, animatie, muziek Joost de Haas
Camera Tom Bakker
Actress Kyra Bououargane
Audiomix Darius Timmer
client GroenLinks
Date October 2020

Teaser Nineties Lab

Hand drawn frame animation | 0:43m

329 drawings and some music.

Concept Joost de Haas, Yannick Noomen
Drawings and music Joost de Haas
client Nineties Productions
Date February 2021

Humanity is awesome (Dutch)

Campaign for the Dutch Green Party | 1:00m

Humanity is awesome, we're full of ideas. But not all ideas are good ideas. Like running our entire world on fossil fuels. Time to acknowledge that, and change it. We can do that. Because humanity is, like I said, awesome.

Concept, script, music, edit Joost de Haas
Voice-over Ellen Parren
Audiomix Ralf Pouw
client GroenLinks
Date October 2020

Small things help. (Dutch)

Campaign for the Dutch Green Party | 1:25m

Do you have the feeling you should do something? But not sure what? This video uses activist language like "Get out on the streets", "get up on the roofs", but shows that actually small actions matter most.

Concept Joost de Haas, Sybren Kooistra, Joey Boink, Marloes Reitsma
Animation and Music Joost de Haas
Camera Joey Boink
Additional text ideas Paul de Haas
client GroenLinks
Date DECEMBER 2016

VVD. Act Normal. | Parody (Dutch)

Campaign for the Dutch Green Party | 1:30m

The Dutch liberal right wing party VVD used the phrase 'Act Normal' as their campaign slogan. We thought that was a bit bold, since we thought it's not at all normal what they were proposing. Making it harder and harder for minorities to make a living. But I guess this is a hard video to understand if you're not familiar with Dutch culture. :)

Concept Bart Voorsluis, Joost de Haas, Joey Boink, Marloes Reitsma, Sybren Kooistra
Animations and typography  Joost de Haas
Edit Bart Voorsluis
Voice  Reinout Scholten van Aschat
Archive diggers Ismay Kieskamp, Bart Voorsluis, Marloes Reitsma
client GroenLinks
Date maart 2017

Bumper for 'De Balie'

Animation | 10 sec

An attempt to capture all of what 'De Balie' does, in 10 seconds.

Concept Lotte Kroese, Joost de Haas
Animation and Music  Joost de Haas
client De Balie
Date Augustus 2015

Habits (Dutch)

Animation for 'Marqt' | 1m

Dutch biological supermarket 'Marqt' asked me to capture their business in a video. I wrote a script about our eating habits, and that a good supermarket could help us create better habits, by making certain choices for us.

Concept Joost de Haas
Animation and Music  Joost de Haas
client Marqt
Date November 2018

Some moving illustrations

In my free time, just for fun