Graphic Design

This page could also have been called 'Additional Graphic Design', because there is some graphic design in nearly every other project as well. It's my core skill, a way of creating order that even comes in handy while making music or writing text.


Nora Fischer & Marnix Dorrestein | 2018

On ‘Hush’, 17th century music is brought like sober folk songs, with only a voice and a guitar. (Spotify link)

Concept, photography, graphic design Joost de Haas

Land van Mij

Paul de Leeuw | 2016

Famous Dutch person Paul de Leeuw sings songs about his love for the Netherlands.

Concept, photography, graphic design Joost de Haas

Who steals my show | 2016

Bumper / logo for a TV-show by Paul de Leeuw.

The story of your life

Mieke Bouma | Uitgeverij Balans | 2017

A book on how to approach your life like a writer, in order to make more out of it.

We do what we can

Lykele Muus | Nijgh en van Ditmar | 2018

A novel about a family drama around a cottage near the sea.

The beginning of the end

Joseph Jebelli | Uitgeverij Balans | 2017

Non-fiction about how scientists try to cure Alzheimer's.

Logo Power to the People

Logo for a series of lectures about online privacy, and how to stand up for your civil rights in the digital age.

Logo 'Dutch Skies'

'Hollandse Luchten' was a series of theatre plays, made by Sadettin Kırmızıyüz, between 2013 and 2015.

Identity for Cello Octet

Cello Octet Amsterdam is the world's only cello octet, a unique ensemble that made reputation all around the world. Their identity builds upon the octagon.

(On the project page Posters you'll find much more graphic design I did.)

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