The world is made of
stories and images.

I design visuals, music, words, or a synthesis of those.

Selected Videos

Kan gewoon.

Script, animation, music Joost de Haas
February 2023

Nineties Lab Teaser

Concept, drawings, music Joost de Haas
February 2021

Humanity is awesome (Dutch)

Concept, script, music, edit Joost de Haas
Voice Ellen Parren
November 2020

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Joost de Haas (1988)


Hi, my name is Joost.

I like Japanese food, dancing, short stories, being amazed about distances in the universe, Nina Simone.

I love to work on projects that put things in motion. My favorite collaborations are with theatre makers, film makers and musicians, and with political or environmental organisations.

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