Absurdist drama series

Date 2017 & 2019
I DID animation, art direction, graphic design, vfx

After having made theatre for ten years, Dutch collective 'Circus Treurdier' is ready for the next step. A TV-series called TreurTeeVee (Sad TeeVee). Surreal absurdism in a completely designed world.

Watch all episodes of TreurTeeVee HERE.

Visual Effects S01: Making of

In this video you can see: raw camera footage shot by d.o.p. Tom Bakker. On top of that I've painted several digital layers, to create the illusion of a bigger world. Lastly, color grading is added, by Amsterdam based firm 'The Lodge'.

Visual Effects: Stills

Stills of shots that are entirely (or almost entirely) digitally painted

Season 1
Season 2

Graphic Props

Our rule was: Everything in the shot needs to be designed. From sets to newspapers, posters in the background to all of the labels of all the products. Everything to create one universe.

Season 2
Season 1

Leader season 1

For this leader I collaborated with animator David Zaagsma.